Thursday , December 14 2017

Is your Social Media Really Social ?

I have taken the idea for this blog post from a thread that was happened on SEO Forum Chat. ” Social media is about getting your customers to talk TO EACH OTHER  We are all talking to everyone else with the webmasters only occasionally starting a topic or checking in. OTOH a ...

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Using a separate IP address for each country specific site ?

A very important and good question : “For one customer we have about a dozen individual websites for different countries and languages, with different TLDs under one IP number. Is this okay for Google or do you prefer one IP number per country TLD”? In his latest video, Google’s head ...

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Top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes

Get huge Traffic From USA

Google’s Matt Cutts creates various videos every year, informing webmasters on what the search engine considers best practice when it comes to search engine optimization. Google’s Matt Cutts answers a question about the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes. What is great about this video is ...

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7 Powerful ways to get huge Traffic From USA

Website Traffic

The idea of writing this blog post has come from one of my Client who asked me to get huge traffic from USA. Website traffic is very important for all the SEO and Webmaster specially for e-commerce type website. This is also very important to have huge traffic from US ...

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Different Technologies and Their Founders

Founder of Technologies

Here is a list of different technologies and its founders. This is the time where we can not live without these technologies. Most of us are using internet services but mostly unaware about their founders. I am sharing few of them and if you know more then please suggest via comment ...

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How to bring Huge traffic from Twitter

Adesh Saxena Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the greatest social networking sites and it gets lots of traffic. If we talk from SEO point of view, it is more important to have a  Twitter profile from where you can get huge traffic. So, if you still don’t have an account , don’t waste ...

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How to remove low quality backlinks ?

Google’s link disavowal tool launched in October 2012 which allows webmaster to tell Google that they don’t want back-links from external website. Lets say an example: is your website and you have submitted a link on site, now you don’t want a back link from, in this way ...

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How to Increase Google Plus Circle

Now-a-days demanding and advantages Google Plus is increasing day by day. Let me give short description about Google Plus. Google+ , pronounced and sometimes as Google Plus in written format, is a social networking service that is owned by Google Inc. It is the second largest social networking site in the ...

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How to add “see more” link on Facebook Post

While posting on Facebook group it really looks bad when posting status like – “Hey Friends Please Like My Facebook Page” or “Go to my Facebook Page and Press like button”. Sometimes it really give a negative impression to group members.  In this post I am going to tell you ...

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How to Schedule a Facebook Post

Scheduling Facebook Page’s post is very interesting feature. As of now there are lots of application like Postcron, TweetDeck, LaterBro , HooteSuite and so on. You can also use them but when your post will be publish then it will display as “Post update via Postcron” which looks bad. Following ...

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