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Hi, I am Adesh Saxena.  Consultant and Digital Marketing Trainer

Adesh SaxenaWhen I used to work 9-5, I hated getting up in the mornings. I hated Sunday nights. I was just counting the time before I had to go to work again. Today, I work about 20 hours per week on work that I love. On Every Saturday and Sunday, I deliver Seminar on Making Money online and Digital Marketing.

This extra time has allowed me to figure out what I love to do. I would have never had time to find work I was passionate about when I was working so much for someone else. Finding what you love to do is a process that takes time. If you only have time after dinner, you will be too tired to try.

I really enjoy business coaching. I love being able to help businesses generate more revenue, and grow. It’s an amazing feeling to help the people behind the business.

I had the freedom to figure out what I enjoy. I am constantly trying new things that I would like to do business wise. I love entrepreneurship.

I’m best known for being a specialist at site improvement, having utilized my capacity to rank sites at the highest point of Search Engines to construct organizations, including numerous prominent stimulation and administration sites.

I have approx 8 years of Online Marketing strategy & consulting experience. I like to work with start-ups and companies looking to develop new online business. I have trained hundreds of corporate & entrepreneurs on Internet Marketing strategies. I have worked in senior management for Digital Marketing and have flawless experience in working on SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

What I will Update On Devetol ?

1)    How to rank a website
2)    How to make money online
3)    How to recover your penalized website
4)    Tips and Suggestion about PPC
5)    Blogging
6)    Facebook and Other Social Networking Tips
7)    SEO and Online Marketing Tips
8)    Tutorial on various Topics
9)    Social Media Marketing
10)  Tips on Content Marketing
11)   Business Tips

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  1. All the best dear Adesh !! Blogging is one of the best platform to share your knowledge. I have subscribed your blog’s RSS feed. Try to focus on the people who are newbie in this field. Good Luck

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