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Digital Marketing Course Content

We have specially designed Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi Structure for Job Seekers and Professional.

Web Designing

You will Learn How to Design a Website with Proper Training of HTML and CMS


In WordPress Training Session, We will teach how to setup a website using some CMS like WordPress along with Practical exposure in Plugins and Themes


SEO Training Session is the most important part of Digital Marketing. You will learn SEO ON Page, OFF Page, Google Algorithm, SEO Audit and SEO Reporting.

Social Media Optimization

SMO or Social Media Optimization, In this Training Course you will learn how to Boost nay business using Social Media Technique.

Pro Blogging

In this Topic, You will learn How to do Blogging and Increase website Traffic. This will be 100% Practical Session along with some case studies and assignments.

Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing Training , you will learn how to boost your business by doing Paid marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or PPC is the most important topic to learn in Digital Marketing. We will teach you how to Create Search and Display Ads via Google Adwords or Google Ads.

Lead Generation

You will learn How to Generate Leads for Clients or business. We will teach you very Strong Methodology to Extract Quality Leads that Give value to your business.

Google Adsense

In Google Adsense Training, You will learn how to make money from your website. We will teach you Google Adsense in Practical way and get your website Approved via Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing Training We will teach you how to make money by selling other's products. We will Cover Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, vCommision, BuySellAds etc.

Make Money Online

In Our Making Money Online Training, We will teach you 100 Tips to Make money from Internet. All the Topics in Making Money online will be Practical and give you live exposure.

Online Reputation Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management Training is very important for brands. We will teach you how to remove negative feedback and increase your Positive Feedback and Review.

Email Marketing

In Email Marketing Training, we will teach you how to broadcast email in bulk and get good open rate along with good CTR. We will teach you mailchimp, aweber and via Interspire software.

E-commerce Marketing

In eCommerce Marketing Training, We will teach you how to increase conversion of your ecommerce website. This training includes ecommerce seo, traffic boost, conversion tracking session etc.

Mobile Marketing

In Mobile Marketing Training, You will learn SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, AMP, CDN, Android Store Optimization (ASO). We will teach you to how to generate good traffic by mobile device platform.


In Freelancer, We will teach how to get clients and project to work as work from home. This Training includes Freelancer, upwork, Fiverr and many more work from home website. You will learn how to crack deals and how to set bid on projects.

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics Training, we will teach you how to Track website visitors and how to read data. This Topic includes advance analytics report and assignments which will give you advance user behaviour knowledge on your website.

Google Search Console

In Google Search Console Training, We will teach you how to read data from performance reports. You will learn how your website is doing well in Google search engine. After this training you can easily identify if your website hit by Google Panda or Google Penguin update.

Inbound Marketing

In Inbound Marketing Training, You will learn how to use advance marketing technique in increasing website visitors and conversion. This topic includes ABC of Inbound Marketing that will give you proper clarity in your online business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is very important part of Personal Branding. If you want to increase your online presences of Personal Brand and you should learn Influencer Marketing.

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Devetol is Brand in Digital Marketing Industry where one can fullfill his dreams. Contact Now for Best Digital Marketing Training in Delhi NCR

Meet Your Trainer

Training always depend upon the Trainer and We have most renowned personality Mr. Adesh Saxena with his 10+ Years of experience in Digital Marketing Industry.

  • Expert in Training
  • Creative Thinker
  • Certified Consultant
  • Corporate Trainer
Expert in Training

Adesh Saxena

CEO & Digital Marketing Trainer

Mr Adesh Saxena, the Face behind Devetol Digital Marketing. He has 12+ years of Digital Marketing Training experience. He has worked with many reputed brands in various sector i.e., education, eCommerce, News, Health care, Real Estate, Gaming, IT Software, Medical, Hospitality etc.

He is well known expert and famous for his magical practical Digital Marketing Training in Delhi NCR. He also Provide Online Digital Marketing Training.

Creative Thinker

Creative Thinker

Known for Creative Idea

Learning Digital Marketing is fun with Creative Ideas of Mr. Adesh Saxena, the Best Digital Marketing Trainer in Delhi NCR. His Creative Ideas puts very strong foundation in company's success journey.

He works with concept AIDA and teaches in practical way to make the concept clear of Digital Marketing Campaign. If you are looking a Best and Creative Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi then Mr. Adesh will help you to fulfill your dreams.

Certified Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

Helped Companies grow up

If you will Google "SEO Consultant in Delhi", it shows the Name - Adesh Saxena. He ensures that companies grow by 10x with his strong Consulting strategy plan. He also teaches about Consulting and business strategy in Digital Marketing Training in Delhi NCR .

Corporate Trainer

Corporate Training

Corporate Training Session by Reputed Organization

Big Companies Trust the Depth Knowledge of Adesh Saxena. Mr Saxena has delivered 100+ Digital Marketing Corporate Session just because of his Depth understanding of Digital Marketing Domain.

Digital Marketing Course Content Explained

If you are planning to Join Digital Marketing Course in delhi from India's Leading Best

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR then do check Course Content specially designed for Professional and Job seekers.

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing 

In this session you will learn some Tool and Software that is required in Digital Marketing world. We will teach you following things in this Session -

a.) Intro to Digital Marketing

b.) Scope of Digital Marketing

c.) Traditional vs Digital Marketing

d.) Influencer in Digital Marketing

e.) Job and Business

f.) Tools

e.) Search Engine Working

2. Website Planning and Creation  

In Website Training session, you will learn how to Design website using different CMS like joomla, wordpress etc. We will Cover following topics in this session-

a.) Blog vs Website

b.) CMS

c.) WordPress

d.) Website Planning and Creation

e.) Theme Setup

f.) Plugins

3. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the soul of Digital Marketing and plays a very important role in ranking business keywords in Google. SEO is the integral part of Digital Marketing Training Course and we do cover following topics -

a.) Introduction to SEO

b.) SEO On Page

c.) SEO Off Page

d.) SEO Audit

e.) SEO Reporting

f.) Black HAT SEO

g.) Google Algorithms and Updates

4. SMO - Social Media Optimization

In Social Media Optimization Training, you will learn how to optimize any brand and boost its visibility in online world. We cover all topics in practically so that you will know more in depth. We cover following topics -

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Instagram Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Social Media Audit

Social Media Planner

5. SMM - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Training where you will pay some amount to Facebook, Twitter etc. We will give you some amount during session and you will be doing all stuff in practically. We do cover following things in Paid Social Media Marketing -

a.) Introduction to Social Media Optimization

b.) Facebook Marketing

c.) Twitter Marketing

d.) Instagram Marketing

e.) LinkedIn Marketing

f.) Tools

g.) Social Media Audit

h.) Social Media Planner

6. Pro-Blogging

We will teach you how to blog from beginning and how to make money from your blog. We do cover following topics in this session-

a.) Creating a profitable Niche Blog

b.) Managing a Blog

c.) Blog Network

d.) Successful Blog Marketing Strategy

e.) Drive Massive Traffic

f.) Social Media

g.) Blog Branding

h.) How to Make Ist 100 USD via Blog

7. Search Engine Marketing or PPC

Google Ads Training Session will give you depth understanding of Paid Marketing Campaign. You will learn very strong PPC Technique that will boost your Digital Marketing Skills. Here are the details of this PPC Training Session -

Google Ads

(a) A/B Testing

(b) Landing Pages

(c) Intro to Google Ads

(d) Creating copies

(e) Keyword Research

(f) Campaign Settings

(g) Bid Management

(h) Campaign Performance management

(i) Conversion Tracking

(j) Website Optimizer

(k) Keyword Tool

(l) Placement Tool

(m) Ad Preview

(n) Dynamic Ads

(o) CPM & CPA Campaigns via Ads

(p) Conversion Optimization

(q) Retargeting Code & Campaigns

(r) Reporting

8. Lead Generation 

Most of the Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi do not cover Lead generation topic. This Topics itself plays a very important role in digital marketing world. We cover following things in Lead Generation Training Session -

a.) Intro to lead generation

b.) Lead generation campaign

c.) Design a landing page without coding

d.) A/B Testing

e.) Multivariant Testing

f.) FREE promotional tactics

g.) Ask others to promote your campaign

h.) PAID promotions to get more relevant leads

i.) How to use Facebook link ads to generate leads

j.) Facebook Ads: How to target your own fans

k.) Facebook Ads: How to target local fans

l.) Facebook Ads: How to target by relevant interests

m.) Measure and optimize Facebook ads

n.) Capturing leads & ending your campaign

o.) Weekly check in on new email leads

p.) Offers and Contest

q.) Lead Generation using Email Marketing

r.) Nurture new email leads & convert to SALES

s.) Increase customer loyalty & online reviews

t.) Reporting

u.) Conversion

9. Google AdSense

In Google Adsense Training, We will teach you real time working with Google Adsense Project. In this training session we do cover following things -

a.) Introduction to Google AdSense

b.) Google AdSense Program

c.) Google AdSense Approval Process

d.) Google AdSense Secrets

e.) How to Get Relevant AdSense Ads

f.) Google AdSense Ad Format Sizes

g.) High Paying sites on AdSense

h.) Making Money with Google AdSense

i.) Google AdSense Ad Colors

j.) Google AdSense Revenue Sharing

k.) Google AdSense Optimization Tips

10. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money online then Affiliate Marketing Training will give you right direction. What you will learn in this session -

a.) Intro to Affiliate Marketing

b.) Affiliate Management Agencies

c.) Merchant, Affiliate, Market & Customer

d.) Product & Service Marketing

e.) How to Sell your product or service through other websites

f.) Traffic from Affiliate Network

g.) Commission Based Lead Generation

h.) Basics of Affiliate marketing

i.) History of Affiliate Networks

j.) How Affiliate Marketing works

k.) How to choose the best Affiliate

l.) Analysis of a Affiliate network

m.) Top 5 Indian and Global Affiliate Networks

n.) Advertisers and Publisher

o.) Who are advertisers?

p.) Who are Publishers?

q.) How to be a successful publisher?

r.) CPA marketing Fundamentals

s.) Publishers case study

t.) Using Freelance websites to pick up Project

u.) Amazon Affiliate Account Setup

v.) ClickBank Account Setup

11. Make Money Online

Everyone wants to earn money from Internet . In this Session we will teach you 100 working tips and with that one can easily make money from internet.

12. Online Reputation Management - ORM

ORM means Online Reputation Management and now in Fast internet life this is very important to improve online review/feedback of a business. You will learn in this session -

a.)Introduction to Online Press Releases

b.) Handling the Press

c.) Successful Marketing and PR Strategies

d.) Press releases that work

e.) Sourcing PR information

f.) Market research for PR use

g.) Introduction to Online Reputation Management

h.) Generating Buzz

i.) Five Stars at Customer Review Sites

j.) Tips for ensuring your happy customers spread the word.

k.) Ensure your customers defend you from a bad review.

l.) Responding to negative reviews

m.) Reducing negative reviews

n.) Blogging for Brand Control

o.) Social Networking Meets Reputation Management

13. Email Marketing

Email Marketing Training is to broadcast bulk email and do direct marketing. You will get good traffic and brand building. We do cover in this session is -

a.) Designing effective mailer

b.) HTML Emails

c.) Email Service Providers (ESPs)

d.) Planning and delivering email campaigns

e.) Online Customer acquisition

f.) Encouraging web visitors to subscribe

g.) Crafting effective registration processes

h.) Customer retention strategies

i.) Choosing frequency schedules

j.) Creating effective email campaigns

k.) Understanding conversion and performance metrics

l.) Inbox Delivery

m.) Reducing abandonment and bounce rates

n.) Structured approaches to testing

o.) A/B and Multivariate testing

p.) Analysing test results

q.) Important Laws on Email Marketing

14. ECommerce Marketing

You will learn following topics in Ecommerce Marketing Training -

a.) Ecommerce SEO

b.) Imp rules of Ecommerce

c.) Product Optimization

d.) Blogging Integration

e.) Social Media Integration

f.) Affiliate Module Integration

g.) Website Traffic

h.) Organize Traffic

i.) Ecommerce Paid Advertising

j.) CDN

k.) App

15. Mobile Marketing

In Mobile Marketing Training, you will learn following things -

a.) App vs Website

b.) Responsive Website

c.) SMS Marketing

d.) WhatsApp Marketing

e.) Setting up AI and Chat bot

f.) AMP

g.) CDN

h.) ASO

16. Freelancer

You will learn in Freelancer Training -

a.) Setup

b.) Setup

c.) Setup

d.) Planning and Strategy

e.) Reporting to Clients

f.) Proposal and Agreement Letters

g.) Payment System

17. Google Analytics

In Google Analytics Training you will learn -

a.) Account Creation Steps

b.) Introduction to Filters

c.) Goal Configuration

d.) Webmaster Tools (Search Console) Integration

e.) AdWords Integration

f.) Recommended Plugins

g.) Data Collection Methodology

h.) Report Types

i.) Creating and Managing Alerts

j.) Demographics Reports

k.) Interests Reports

l.) Geography Reports

m.) Behavior Reports

n.) Technology Reports

o.) Mobile Reports

p.) Referral Reports

q.) Keywords Reports

r.) Social Reports

s.) Search Engine Optimization Reports

18. Google Search Console

In Google Search Console Training, you will learn -

a.) Account Set Up

b.) Performance Report

c.) Read Data from Dashboard

d.) Links

e.) Disavow Links

f.) User Management

g.) Spider Activities

h.) Sitemap Submit and Verification

i.) Strategy

19. Inbound Marketing

In Inbound Marketing Training you will learn following things in the session -

a.) Attract potential customers into conversion funnel

b.) Convert Prospects to Leads using emails

c.) Convert Traffic to Leads

d.) Nurture Leads using emails

20. Influencer Marketing

In Influencer Marketing Training you will learn -

a.) Influencer Marketing Strategy

b.) Content Marketing Strategy

c.) How To Find Influencers

d.) How To Engage Influencers

e.) How To Measure Influencer Marketing

f.) Influencer Campaigns



Mr. Adesh always focus on practical part, I love the way he teaches Digital Marketing

Gaurav Bhaketwal


Bladetronics Corporation

Adesh Saxena is a Digital Marketing Expert. He helped me a lot in SEO.

Digvijay Singh

Brand Marketing Manager

Adesh is good at teaching. I have gained good knowledge through him. He is humble and good listener. He is very good at SEO and online marketing.

Vikrant Thakur

Legal Advocate

A rare professional, in every sense of the word. It has been a wonderful experience for me working with Adesh. His immense knowledge about his particular domains, in addition to his observant and helpful nature, has helped me a lot.

Chandan BhattaCharya

Cyber Security Expert

Learning a lot under his guidance, he ensures that he gives individual attention and solves each and every problem in the most practical way. has more than through knowledge on each and every front of digital marketing. Thanks for sharing the same with us.

Anurag Mehta


Adesh Saxena is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Wise and energetic professional. That's him - responsible perfectionist.

Isaiah Anthony



Q. What is the the time duration of this digital marketing course?

For Digital Marketing Training, the time duration is 90 hours or 3 months. Time is not the main concern for us. If we see anything important or sometimes one unable to grasp things quickly then we extend it upto 3.5 or 4 months without taking the extra fee.

Q. I have done BA in commerce. Can I join Digital Marketing Course?

Yes You can join this Digital Marketing Training and you will get benefit if you got selected in any accounting company.

Q . What if I skipped some Digital Marketing Classes? Do you guys provide backup classes? 

Yes! We do provide free backup Digital Marketing classes with special attention.

Q. What are the prerequisites for Digital Marketing Training?

If you know how to compose an email then Yes you can join this course. There is no as such as hard technical requirements.

Q. I am not good at English. Can I expect something good after Digital Marketing Training Course?

English is the medium to express yourself. This is not a major issue. If you are good at Digital Marketing then you will not face any problem.

Q. I want to Learn Only Social Media Course. Is that Possible?

Social Media Course is the Integral Part of Digital Marketing Training. You have option to customize Training Package as per your need.

Q. Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR?

Training is always depends upon Trainer not institute. If you are planning to Join Digital Marketing Institute anywhere then do check Trainer profile.

Q. How much salary can I expect after Digital Marketing Training Course?

A. Salary always depends upon your knowledge but for fresher it goes around 15k to 30k

Q. What is digital marketing course fee?

Fee of Digital Marketing Training in Delhi is Rs. 25,000/- for three months.

Q. What is the placement after doing Digital Marketing Course from your Institute?

100% placement guarantee if one finish this course from our institute.

Q. What Type of certifications is covered in this Training Module?

We do provide 6 Google Certifications and 2 Devetol Certifications after successfully completion of Digital Marketing Training

Q. Where is you branches in Delhi NCR

As of Now we don't have any other branches in Delhi NCR but we are planning to open our other center very soon -

  1. Digital Marketing Training in Saket
  2. Digital Marketing Training in Laxminagar
  3. Digital Marketing Training in Rohini
  4. Digital Marketing Training in Uttamnagar
Q. What is the Google Digital Marketing Course Cost?

Google's Digital Unlocked platform is free, and you just need to signup. There is no class room facility available but we can provide this Internet Marketing Training in Delhi location.

Q. What other Online Marketing Course you would recommend?

IOT ( Internet of Things) course is very demanding in 2019. You must learn IOT to add more skills in your CV.

Q. Who will teach me Digital Marketing?

We have Best Digital Marketing Trainer , Mr Adesh Saxena. He will teach you Digital Marketing

Q. What are the support options available?

We have support system -

-Phone call

-Skype Call




Q. How much students will be in classroom Training session?

We have very minimum size batch just to give personal attention. Maximum students would be 12-15.

Q. Why Should I Join Devetol for Digital Marketing Training?

Because of -

-Practical Session

-Industry's Best Digital Marketing Trainer

-Free Domain + Hosting + Tools worth 80K

-Life Time Support

-Quality and Uptodate Session

-100% Job Placement Guarantee

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Devetol is Brand in Digital Marketing Industry where one can fullfill his dreams. Contact Now for Best Digital Marketing Training in Delhi NCR