Thursday , December 14 2017
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About Me

Devetol has been created in light of my endeavor to share my knowledge about Online Marketing. As for myself, I am Adesh Saxena, an engineering graduate currently residing in Delhi. I used to be very curious in the machinations behind the concept of making money through online sources, and that really was all the initiative I needed to delve into the domain of Online Marketing, something which has transcended into a lifetime passion. Managing freelance work while having my hands full with a job is indeed very difficult, but then, curiosity knows no bounds, and I hope with time, I manage to instill the same feeling among my readers.

adesh saxena devetol

Devetol is platform where I will share my knowledge and experience with all newbie in the field of Online Marketing. Whatever I have achieved till date, I will share all these things on this blog. Anyone can join and take lots of tips and suggestion that will assist you a lot in different ways.

What I will Update On Devetol ?

1)    How to rank a website
2)    How to make money online
3)    How to recover your penalized website
4)    Tips and Suggestion about PPC
5)    Blogging
6)    Facebook and Other Social Networking Tips
7)    SEO and Online Marketing Tips
8)    Tutorial on various Topics
9)    Social Media Marketing
10)  Tips on Content Marketing

These are the basic categories. Apart from all these things I’ll create some video tutorial.

Lots of up and down were there but I have learned a lot from all these things. If you want to do something unique then you have to think out of box, you have to fight with yourself and keep struggling because everything is possible in this world. Thanks for being a part of Devetol . If you have any suggestion about Devetol then Please mail me at adesh [@] devetol [.] com

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About Adesh Saxena

Adesh is the author at Devetol. He writes about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Blogging and how to Guides. He is an engineering graduate, a SEO Consultant, Blogger, Computer Engineer and Digital Marketing Trainer in New Delhi, India


  1. All the best dear Adesh !! Blogging is one of the best platform to share your knowledge. I have subscribed your blog’s RSS feed. Try to focus on the people who are newbie in this field. Good Luck

  2. Thank you very much sir for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.

  3. Sir , what is the step by step process of ON-page SEO …PLz reply

  4. very nice to be here in this website, Was into reading facebook see more article, Nice updates on seo thanks again.

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