Google has released 5th Penguin 2.1 update on 4th october

Matt Cutts, Head of web spam team at Google, tweet on twitter that latest release would impact about 1 % of all searches.

It means everyone is trying to improve their website that’s good for everyone but bad for those who are affected by this update. Before Penguin 2.1, Google has introduced another algorithm on his birthday know as Humming Bird. It just shocked all the SEO and webmasters who are not working according to these updates.

Lets have a look at all Penguin Update :

Penguin Update                        Released Date                    Changes

Penguin 1                                              April 24, 2012                      3.1% search queries affected
Penguin 2                                              May 26, 2012                       Affected less than 0.1%
Penguin 3                                              October 5, 2012                   Affected 0.3% of queries
Penguin 4  or Penguin 2.0                 May 22, 2013                       Affected 2.3% of queries
Penguin 5  or Penguin 2.1                  Oct. 4, 2013                          Affected 1% of search queries

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