How can I guest blog without it appearing as if I paid for links?

Ben Holland from Phoenix asked a question “How can I guest blog without it appearing as if I paid for links?” Matt Cutts , Head of web Spam Team at Google, replied via Google Webmaster Video.  I saw his answer on you tube as well as on Twitter and found much interesting. Please have look at Matt Cutts Tweet:-

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How to get traffic from Online Slide Sharing Sites

Tips for website Traffic

In my previous post I have told about Free Traffic Tips and today I’ll tell you to get huge traffic from online slide sharing site. There are lots of online presentation sites but I would recommend, and All you have to do is to create an impressive and attractive Presentation and upload on these slide sharing sites.

Before discussing about creating an attractive Slide, Let’s talk about Slides. Slides are like a presentation which helps user to understand easily. You can create a presentation including various points about your subject. Millions of people will see your presentation and share on their social profiles. In this way you will get two benefits, first Your  subscribers will increase on Slides Profile and Second benefit your site ranking will improve in Google SERP.

Tips for website Traffic
Sharing your website on Social Media site is a good trick to bring real users on your website. You can also share your  Slideshare links on your social profiles plus embed your Slide on your website.  Following these steps will help you in increasing website traffic:-

1. Upload quality presentation :-

Don’t upload bad quality presentation. Presentation should be high quality like a story or magazine along with good design  and layout. If you don’t know how to design a good presentation then hire someone else who can design best layout and structure as user point of view.

2. Choose a Unique Title and Description  :-

Title and Description is very important for your presentation. Making title and Description unique will make user click your slides instead of exiting. Adding your keyword in title will be plus of your website but don’t over-stuff because this will give a negative result.

3. Points to Points Discussion :-

Try to explain you PPT using Bullets and Numbering. 5-7 lines are enough on one slide. Keep in mind that your Creating a PPT and not a Nobel.

4. Include URL In Slide :- 

Self Promotion is not allowed on most of the slides sites but you can add your visible url. You can add website URL at the end of the presentation  saying that “For more information Visit our website”

5. Use Long Tail Keywords:-

Including long tail keyword is good for your website. The sites that I have mentioned above are one of the best high PR sites. Try to spend some time in creating a unique title and description in which you can use your long tail keyword. This trick will help your website in ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Msn Search Engine’s Results Pages.

6. Share and Promote your Presentation :-

Share you presentation Url on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Twitter. You can also share your presentation on your blog or website as these sharing sites have an interesting Embed Features similar to Facebook and Google Plus.

7. Upgrade to pro version :- After submitting number of slides you can switch your account to pro version. Pro version allows to post your presentation with various interesting feature.

How to embed post from Facebook Timeline

In month of August Facebook released a new feature of embed post. Now you can show your public post on your blog or website along with all real time statistics. You can like, post or Comment on any post directly from your blog or website and that will appear on your Facebook timeline. In case you delete the post from Facebook or change the privacy from Public to Friends or Private then it will not display your post on your blog.

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