The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management

Online reputation management (ORM) is a system and procedure of observing, recognizing, and impacting your digital reputation and validity online. A viable online reputation management technique can likewise give you new open doors and understanding on expanding your brand awareness.

Online reputation management

On the off chance that you are an entrepreneur, I’m certain you realize that having a good reputation is essential for business development. The same goes for your digital reputation, as a great many people in today’s digital business way of life go online when they have an issue or require data with respect to a particular item or service. In the event that your reputation is negative online, will these individuals searching for answers swing to you? By the day’s end, a terrible reputation online will negatively affect your business objectives.

An incredible aspect concerning the digital age is that it has turned out to be simple for people to in a split second share their ideas and insights with others online. This can mean awesome presentation for organizations when glad clients leave sparkling surveys or share their positive brand experiences to loved ones on online networking. While positive remarks can be incredible for an organization, negative ones can be entirely unsafe. Online reputation management offers organizations some assistance with monitoring what others are stating online keeping in mind the end goal to assemble and track their organization’s online reputation.

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There are numerous different reasons why it’s essential to have an online reputation management process set up to help you with your online networking and other digital marketing effort; however here are only two motivations to consider getting one.

  1. Increase sales

Numerous individuals are scrutinizing brands, administrations, and products online before they settle on the last buy choice. Do you know what they are searching for? If not, then you are as of now passing up a major opportunity. Why do your marketing effort matter on the off chance that you are not certain what message is being gotten by the general population you are attempting to reach?

Most organizations begin to explore when their sales begin to drop. For a few, recapturing momentum is not advantageous financially and the administration or item is suspended. Consider the possibility that you had profitable bits of knowledge about what your intended audience is searching for online. Would this change the game a bit?

  1. Build trust and believability

Having the trust of your customers is a noteworthy part of achievement. Your customers examine their buys with companions and when they have an issue they will no doubt spread the news about their experience. The web makes everybody a national columnist and you ought to now stress over negative content spreading like fierce blaze online. On the off chance that your organization endures lost trust in people in general, there is a chance that you will never have the capacity to turn it constructive again. In the event that you can recuperate from this negative exposure to recapture trust from your customers, the cost will be high in comparison with having a procedure set up that could have anticipated it.

Online reputation management is not a basic popular expression. It’s a reality and on the off chance that you are not genuine about ensuring your reputation online, why are you still in business?

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Website Ad Optimization: A Gateway to Generate High Revenue


Internet is loaded with millions of websites and blogs based on thousand of niche. In fact, these blogs and websites are created for various purposes which include commercial or recreational purposes. As per periodical surveys by Google, most of the online portals and blogs are generally created to make money. Website ads are supposed to be the most popular means of making profit online.


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If placing ads on a website can help in achieving revenue, then why some renowned blogs do not get significant income through ads even after pursuing strong SEO and having thousands of followers on their pages?

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The answer lies within these two words-“Ad Optimization”.

What is Ad Optimization?

Ad optimization is the process of optimizing and improving the performance of a text Pay per Click advertisement on search engines. Basically, this is performed by improving its Click through Rate performance both in terms of spacing and quality of response.

According to some of the specifications mentioned in Search Engine Journal, “AdWords text ads are small and thus unassuming. But when it comes to optimization and increase the pay, text ads are known to be of high impact on search engines.

Moving on to our actual purpose of this post, we will further discuss various factors affecting ad optimization and best ways to improve ad placement on a website.

What are the core factors which affect website ads and CTR?

  • Testing
  • Size
  • Location
  • Type of ads

Exact and apt placement of ads on a webpage can definitely enhance the CTR on your website/blog (leading to increased revenue through ads).

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These ways can help you in implementing ads on the accurate locations of your site:

  • A/B testing – In A/B testing, two version of an app or a webpage are compared against each other to recognize their performances. By creating an A and B variant and testing them against each other, you can use data & statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rates.

There exists another testing known as ‘Multivariate Testing’ which is also used to optimize two or more versions of a specific webpage or application.

  • Ad size – You might be surprised to know this, but size matters for ads on a webpage. Though, you can gather a brief idea of applicable ad size through testing or other optimizations but there are some fixed sizes which are quite popular for webpage ads. These sizes are: 336 X280, 300X250, 728X90 and 160X600.
  • Ad location – There is a tool for optimizing the right location of ads on a website which is known as ‘Heatmap’ by Adsense. Through this tool, we can easily identify the apt location for a particular ad on a webpage.

For a better CTR, ads must be placed on above navigation bar. Such ads are called above-the-fold ads and comparatively perform well than other ads. An ad right above the content or between the content is also effective in increasing the revenue of a website.

  • Placement targeting – For some bloggers and website owners, it may be something new because it is usually ignored by people. You need to provide some details of ads in order to improvise CTR.

For doing this, you should have an Adsense account where you can create a channel by customizing “My ads” section. Create a channel and customize ad placement targeting.

The ‘DO NOT’ procedures of Ad Optimization:

  • Never avoid link based ads because at times, these ads perform far better than banner ads.
  • Do not always prefer image ads because text ads play a vital role in Google Adsense revenue.
  • Do not place too many ads inside the content of webpage and prefer left, right and uppermost areas for prominent ads.
  • Keep a significant distance between an ad and the content of that webpage on which ad is placed.

Here is a list of websites which provide useful tools to optimize ads:

  1. Adpushup (
  2. Madadsmedia (
  3. Widerfunnel (
  4. Cpvlab (

Really, Ad optimization is very important for everyone because it helps in Increasing Ad Revenue from your website. If you like this content then Don’t forget to share on Social Media for Others.

ASUS Unveils its Brand New A553 Notebook in India

ASUS, a leading electronics brand, has announced its latest A553 Notebook in India. The company launched the device at the ongoing festive season in its attempt to garner more sales. Interestingly, the company has come out with the unique option of offering 2 year global warranty programme providing greater after-sale-service to each consumer.

Asus A553

The A553 has been launched in 4 attractive color options of black, purple, pink and white. Over the last few years, ASUS has followed aggressive marketing campaign to boost its sales. ASUS gadgets are available at online retail stores as well making it easier for consumers to pick their favorite product in a hassle free manner. You can avail ASUS gadgets at lesser price by using Flipkart Coupons available on

ASUS A553: Technical Specifications at a Glance

  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core N3540 Pentium Processor
  • Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage (Hard Disc): 500 GB SATA 5400rpm hard drive
  • Operating System: Free DOS
  • Other Features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Web camera.
  • Screen Resolution: 15.6 inch HD screen size with 1366 x 768 Pixel Resolution
  • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Colors Available: Purple, White, Pink and Black.
  • Windows: The device fully supports the latest Windows 10 OS as well.

Buy ASUS A553 at Its Best Buy Price

The latest offering from ASUS, A553 Notebook, is an amazing gadget that you can’t miss out. According to sources, the company is expecting huge sales of the newly launched ASUS A series Notebooks including A553, A555LF and A555LA. Interestingly, all these products will come with 2 years manufacturer warranty. This is indeed spectacular in itself because several consumers want enhanced warranty option for their product at the time of buying the device.

Peter Chang, Regional Head of South Asia and Managing Director for Asus India said, “The Indian market is extremely price sensitive where the consumers look for a value-for-money purchase. The ‘A’ series is crafted for performance, style and mobility but at the same time is economically friendly which can be used for everyday use ranging for gaming, entertainment to educational purpose and office work. With our A555LF laptop, it will be a best buy for this festive season, delivering a seamless technological experience to our consumers.”

How to Grab Good Offers on ASUS Gadgets

Though, the device would be initially available at selected retail outlets, but the company but it will be soon available at online e-commerce portals as well. For latest offers and discounts on ASUS mobiles and laptops check out the latest Paytm Offers and book your order online. ASUS products are well known for their reliability, high speed and shiny design. This time, ASUS has launched all its laptops in several colors helping customers get their laptops in attractive colors.

Most of ASUS laptops are available at online retail stores. You need to visit a shopping portal to book your order for a brand new ASUS device. At online shops you are able to purchase branded devices at their best buy prices. It is also necessary to elaborate here that consumers can buy other accessories easily from online shops.

The process is very simple. Log on to an e-commerce portal and type the ASUS gadget that you wish to buy. Several options will appear before you. Select your product and press the buy button. A new window will open and you will have to enter your address and card details. Once the process is complete you will get the ASUS gadget just within the next 1-2 days.