What is Online Reputation Management ? – Things to know about ORM in digital marketing

With the advent of each New Year, new communication platforms are getting added to the marketing strategies of reputed brands. Have you ever wondered what makes them add new tactics and strategies?

Well, it’s all about surviving in the competitive market. Interestingly, years ago, your brand will be quite fine with a simple website and an email address. But nowadays, your consumers are going multichannel. Hence, your marketing strategies need to adapt to these new trends. This is where online reputation management benefits lie.

The crucial takeaway is that reputation management across various channels is quite critical to the success of a business. Moreover, your customers and stakeholders are talking about your business online in countless places. 

How to do ORM in digital marketing?

Online Reputation Management

ORM is the process of actively monitoring and engaging the public perception with that of your brand in the online arena. The main aim of ORM is to proactively craft brand sentiment. Notably, ORM includes both reactive and proactive measures to maintain the image of the brand in front of your target audiences. How to improve online reputation management is one of the most frequently asked questions. Luckily, we have got the answer for you. 

What does ORM stand for in marketing?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management and deals with various aspects of your brand’s activities in the world of internet. ORM also deals with virtually everything where your brand has a prominent presence. From discussion forums to social media sites, the role of ORM encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities.

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Hence, you could imagine an ORM executive job description quite easily. The executive has to navigate through various channels to assess your brand’s popularity. As per the demand, the executive devises a strategy. For instance, if the prevalence is positive, the ORM executive would try to project your brand as an ideal one. On the other hand, if its reputation is negative, then the executive would try to up your brand’s popularity.      

Things to know about ORM in digital marketing tutorial

It is important to note that ORM activities are usually executed with the help of three processes. They are as follows. 


  • Use of tools to manage ORM


An online reputation management agency usually employs a wide variety of tools in the supervision of ORM. These agencies employ a wide range of devices like Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Social Mention, Twitter Search, etc. to set up search parameters along with active tracking of web results.  

  • Stay updated about the brand’s online presence

You should always stay mindful about the latest news about your brand. For instance, what are the most recent negative reviews of your brand? Where are you mentioned? Who have all created backlinks to your company’s main page? Answers to these questions would give rise to effective Online Reputation Management.

  • Prevention of bad reviews

It is quite an accepted fact to be criticized by a customer in the online arena. But, always remember that it can inflict more damage to your reputation in the online world. The ORM websites are still the best places from where you can learn various tactics of managing your brand’s presence.  

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What is the role of ORM in digital marketing?

ORM plays a crucial role in improving your digital marketing endeavors. ORM and SERP are intimately connected. Have you wondered how? With ORM, you can address or mitigate your brand’s negative review from SERPs. In simple words, with ORM, you can achieve all the objectives of digital marketing.    

One of the most crucial takeaways of ORM lies in the fact that it can also be used for social media reputation management. Interestingly, the same tactics are applied in managing your brand’s reputation in major social media channels.  

No Doubt, ORM is the main face behind a company Postive brand image. There are lot of things to know about ORM. If you want to learn in-depth then you can take my SEO Consultancy services or I’ll teach you Digital Marketing Course which includes online reputation management.

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