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3 SEO Tips for beginners

1. Proper use of title tags / keywords

It is by far one of the most important factors in SEO on the page, title tag. The title tag is the main heading of the Web page. It is displayed as a snippet in SERPS (search engine results page) and in the Web browser. This tell the search engine exactly what to expect from the Web page of your, it plays a major role in the 59 characters of rank position. Unique Title along with your keyword will be your first Call to Action.

2. High quality content

“Content is king”, and near, it is dear to the heart of the search engine. Quality content is the lifeblood of the blog/site. Digital Content is the best way for your user. Using Image and Screen Shots of the Webpage will help user to go in depth of the Article.

3. Interlinking:

To exchange within your site is a good user experience. Your site will index in short time as this is the practice of good SEO. Make linking on relevant pages. Make use of Call to action i.e., for more information, Please Visit this website.

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