Use and Importance of Social Bookmarking


What is Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks. Social Bookmarking Involves saving your favorite and most visited website on various social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit Etc. You can access these bookmarks anytime and anywhere from any computer. Your favorite bookmarks are also available for others to view and they can also follow you.

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Social bookmarking is highly effective link building strategy that does not require a much effort from your side. In simple words, you can say people share your links and content on social bookmarking sites and in return you hope to get huge response from these sites. Apart from direct and huge traffic you will also get these benefits:

  •  Backlinks
  • Fast Indexing
  • Viral

You will get a Backlink from Social Bookmarking Site when we submit our URL on Do follow sites. You will not get any back links from no follow sites. Keep in mind to submit your URL on High PR Social Bookmarking Sites. The do-follow bookmarking site will generate back links soon as well as targeted keywords will be ranking in Search Engine. Here I am listing few sites, you can use :-

Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites                                                       PR

  •                                                                                       8
  •                                                                              8
  •                                                               8
  •                                                                        8
  •                                                                       8
  •                                                                       8
  •                                                                              8
  •                                                                                7
  •                                                                         6
  •                                                                          4
  •                                                                            5
  •                                                                                     6
  •                                                                                  7
  •                                                                                    5
  •                                                                           5
  •                                                             5
  •                                                                                    5
  •                                                                  3
  •                                                                       8
  •                                                                                  6
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Very important question for beginners that “How to get Index a URL in Search Engines?” and the answer is Social Bookmarking. The search engine Spider is constantly crawling the most popular social bookmarking sites and therefore indexing new information regularly. The reason of this work is to create back links to our content page that help them position enhanced in Google. While submitting your URL on Social Bookmarking sites, you have to create Unique Title and Description along with Tagwords(Keywords of URL/Webpage).  Use keywords at least one time in Title and two times in comment box. In few social bookmarking sites the title becomes the anchor text that is used in the links.

Keep in mind that Social Bookmarking is place where user saves their Favorite and useful links so don’t share only your URLs, but also share other websites links. When you write quality content, your readers are likely to recommend on these social bookmarking sites. Those people who like your content interesting they will also share to social bookmarking sites and in this way the virility of your content will increase day by day.

Apart from do-follow social bookmarking sites, you can also submit your links on high PR sites. Here I am listing  few good Bookmarking sites:

Social Bookmarking Site PR/Alexa Rank


Sites                       PageRank                                            Alexa Rank

Pinterest                8                                                                              27

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Reddit                     8                                                                              85

StumbleUpon      8                                                                              148

Digg                         8                                                                              466

Delicious               8                                                                              854        8                                                                              1707

Technorati           8                                                                              1602

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Squidoo                7                                                                              597

Manual bookmarking submission is best to get quality back links and Positive result. There are lots of paid software like Scrapebox, SenukeXCR, Social Monkey and so on. You can also use them but my experience says that Manual submission is one of the best practices in Social Bookmarking.

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