8 Killer Tips to get your keywords in Search Engine Result


How to Rank a Keyword

1. Create slides with the help of ppt and upload on scribd.com, slideshare.net

✔ Use “your keyword” in title

i.e., your keyword – Tips and suggestion about writing a killer content
your keyword – Online blogger and entrepreneur

It’s very easy to create slide with Microsoft ppt. Try to post unique content. Read more about slides by clicking here

✔ Use your keyword as home page saying on ppt slides, for more information about your keyword, please visit www.jamiemsgaughran.com

✔ Create ppt and upload on sites as I mention above 1 ppt with 5 days interval, in this way you have to create 3 ppt and submit each on 5th day.

✔ You can take the help from this url :

2. Google plus and Youtube

✔ Get custom G+ url like mine see here —> https://plus.google.com/+adeshsaxena
A custom url (or vanity url) is a way that condenses your profile url into something readable and easily remembered. When somebody will type your keyword then this profile will appear “https://plus.google.com/+yourname”

✔  Now it’s time to edit your about section see mine – https://plus.google.com/+adeshsaxena/about ,
Try to add more and more things. Look at my g+ about section, i have used my name and there is hyper link. Fill all the details like work education, skills, places, links and contribute. Make all the things similar to my profile.

✔ Make your Google plus profile public and visible to everyone. Now come to post section, post some photos and post like quotes or status using # tag. For example see here —> http://goo.gl/rtcjqv

✔ Apply for Google authorship for your website. See here to get Google plus author ship

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✔ Create a You tube chanel like mine https://www.youtube.com/user/theadeshsaxena and it must be look like https://www.youtube.com/user/yourname

✔ Now see the links on cover picture. Click on edit links and add your all social networks

✔  Write some description focusing your keywords in about section i.e., Hi I am “your name” and welcome to my YouTube channel. Here you will get all the information and latest update about content writing.

✔ With the help of some online video editing software create some video and make title similar to slides (ppt …. See Ist point)
i.e., “your keyword – tips and suggestion about writing a killer content”
1 video is enough for 1 week. For video creation go through these links —> http://studio.stupeflix.com/en , http://www.wevideo.com , http://animoto.com

3. Facebook page and Pinterest

✔ Create a Facebook page with name “your keyword” or your business name . You can create Facebook page by following few steps :

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Click on the settings gear on the top right-hand corner of your page
3. Click on the type of page you’d like to create.
4. Click on get started.
5. Upload a profile picture.
6. Complete the about section – now complete all the information in this box along with your main website i.e., www.example.com
7. Skip the step of ads and all done

✔ Post some content similar to G+ using # tag

✔ Now go to pinterest.com and create your Pinterest profile using “your keyword” or your business name and user name should be like pinterest.com/yourkeyword
✔ Add profile bio similar to YouTube about section along with the website. Don’t forget to verify your website.
See examples: – https://pinterest.com/adeshsaxena
✔  Now create some board like “your keyword author”, “your keyword researcher” and so one
see example here —>>> http://goo.gl/8vb64c

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4. Yahoo answer

✔ Create a Yahoo id with a other name (not your name) and go to Yahoo answers
Post a question including title. Keep in mind to use your keyword in title as Google spider are really very fast in indexing yahoo content.
Now come to description, write some content that should be easy to understand and then submit your question.

✔ Wait for few minutes and see the magic your yahoo question will be index. Now user of yahoo answer will post their answer. After receiving few answers mark any question as the best answer.

5. Twitter and Linkedin :-

✔ Create a twitter profile using “your keyword” and fill the details like this—- > https://twitter.com/devetolnet . I haven’t used my name in url but I recommend you to do same. Your twitter url must be like this — > https://twitter.com/your_business_name. Add all the important things in biography as similar to Google plus about section

✔ Post some content similar to Google plus post see in point 2 (c)

✔ Create a Linkedin account and get a custom url like this http://www.linkedin.com/in/saxenaadesh , your Linkedin profile must be like this http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname

✔ Complete all the details in contact info box see example here —> http://www.linkedin.com/in/saxenaadesh

6. Picasa and Flickr

Upload some photos using your keyword in Picasa and add tag words like your keyword. Apply same process in Flickr. I am recommending Picasa and Flickr because when somebody types a name in search engine it also reflects results from Picasa and Flickr. Picasa is the product of Google , so you can sign with you Gmail id and for Flickr you can connect your Facebook or Google plus account. You can also sign in with your yahoo id.

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7. Do – follow bookmarking

Please go through my latest article by Clicking Here and bookmark your website in these do follow sites.

8. Your main site

✔Add your social profiles in your website see example at top right side —-> http://www.adeshsaxena.com

✔ Use keywords in your title with 59 characters long “your keyword – welcome to my website” or “your keyword – a writer, researcher, consultant and entrepreneur”

✔  Meta description should be 159 characters long with your keywords

✔ Add meta keywords in your site using keyword planner

These are the few important tricks that really works but it also depends upon your keywords competition. At last but not least ranking your keywords in SERP is not difficult but it is totally depend upon your content. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask via comment box.

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