After HashTag Facebook Launches ‘trending stories’

The most popular Social networking site Facebook launched its new feature ‘trending stories’. The new Facebook feature is now being launched in India as part of a gradual roll out, and is so far available only to a few users in the country.

Facebook’s take on trending topics is a little different from Twitter’s. Facebook will also explain that why particular topic is popular. On the other hand, Twitter only lists the popular topics on the website, without any details on the reason they are popular among users.

Trending topic facebook


Facebook and Twitter trending topics are similar to each other based on location and interest of the user. Mobile user can’t see this feature of Trending topics, but the company said it is testing the feature in its app for smartphones and tablet computers. On the other hand mobile version of twitter is still showing its tending topic via Twitter application.

Really Its a good and interesting feature of Facebook because last year company rolled out the hashtags, one of the most popular features similar to Twitter.

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