Should I not approve comments with poor grammar?

The question was – ‘Should I correct the grammar on comments to my WordPress blog? Should I not approve comments with poor grammar? Will approving comments with grammar issues affect my page’s quality ratings?’

Matt explained in his recent video that one need not worry about the grammar in comments and just needs to make sure about high quality content. There are people around who will just write anything, not making any sense. YouTube videos and several other properties may have all sorts of comments, which doesn’t mean they won’t rank.

It’s very easy to find the difference between a comment left by bot and a comment left by a real person. Matt says, As long as the comment appears to have been left by a real person, but the spelling and grammar may not be perfect, it’s still ok to accept the comment without correcting. Matt said that bad grammar in a comment reflected more about the writer and not the site, so one need not stress about it. Here is that Video of Matt Cutts:

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