How do You Define Good Content – Blogging in Hindi

How do you define good content? This is a very important question in digital marketing and today I have an answer for this.

My most of the student always keep asking this question like –

  • What is good content?
  • Is adding more and more pictures will make content high quality?
  • Is adding internal or external link will make your content high quality?
  • Is writing more than Thousand Words or maybe 2000 words will make your content high-quality?
So my friends in this article I am gonna teach you how you can consider a content good or bad. As per the market research and user behaviour, there is no doubt that content can be considered as the best when it is most liked by the user. Simply mean is that if your content is being liked by user and the content is being shared on social media that of course, your content is best.
No matter how long your content is, I’ve noticed that shorter content with around 300 words can sometimes go viral, while longer content with over 2000 words doesn’t seem to rank anywhere. The key is to make your content user-friendly. It could be around 500 words or even 1000+ words, as long as you maintain a good relationship with your users. This way, your content will always be of high quality and engaging.
For more information, you can watch this Tiktok video that I have shared on Tik Tok

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