How to add “see more” link on Facebook Post

While posting on Facebook group it really looks bad when posting status like – “Hey Friends Please Like My Facebook Page” or “Go to my Facebook Page and Press like button”. Sometimes it really give a negative impression to group members.  In this post I am going to tell you about  most discussion topic in Social Media.

Here your frame is to redirect your Facebook Friends to your newly created Facebook Page but it really difficult to do same. Shouting with such Call to action will not work. All you have to do is, to give some description of your post and end of the post you can add like “continue reading” or “Click Here to read more” and you can add link of your page in these Call to action.

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Have a look at this video tutorial. In this video I have told about this tricks:-

One thing I want to make clear that the trick of adding such links will work only in Mobiles or Tab. If you are a PC user than modify your URL to If you are posting through you PC then instead of Page Link this symbol “�” will be appear.

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For this trick, you must have Facebook Page ID. Just Check out you Facebook Page and Click on Edit setting and copy your Page ID from address bar. You can also find your Facebook Page id from Page Info Section.  Now Use this:  @@[0:[Your Facebook Page ID:1:CUSTOM_TEXT]]           @[Your Facebook Page ID:0]

You have to give Facebook Code two times in a Post. Something like this:-

Facebook See More Post

Apart from the Code symbol “:  ” don’t use ” : ” in post anywhere because if you will use then you can’t not make a page link on the custom text. You can use this code in any group or page with mobile Facebook version i.e., Now you can see result:-

How to add "see more" link on Facebook Post

If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask via comment box.

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