How to Increase Google Plus Circle

Now-a-days demanding and advantages Google Plus is increasing day by day. Let me give short description about Google Plus. Google+ , pronounced and sometimes as Google Plus in written format, is a social networking service that is owned by Google Inc. It is the second largest social networking site in the world after Facebook. Google plus having 540 million monthly active users and interacting socially with Google+’s enhanced properties, like Gmail, +1 button, YouTube comments.

Google plus button works similar to Facebook like button. If you like somebody’s post then give a Plus or share. It’s very difficult to bring your all Facebook friends in Google Plus because they don’t want to leave Facebook. In this situation there is no one who can give a Plus on your Google post. There are lots of tricks to increase your Google Plus Circle but keep in mind to follow the people’s of your category. Lets say an example, You are social media expert and you are updating lots of tips and tricks on Google Plus. In this case  if you will follow the person having Social media interest then it would be great for you.

Let see in this video, how to increase your Google plus circle:-

This is the trick to increase your Google Plus Circle directly from Google Plus Social Networking Site. Now I am explain few more tricks that will boost your Google Plus Circle:-

1. Make your Profile Attractive:- Few days before Google plus has changed its Profile Appearance which look much better than before. Try to make your profile attractive as much as possible like adding your profile picture, your education, location and so on.  You can check out my profile : +AdeshSaxena

Adesh Saxena

2. Put Google Plus badges and buttons:- Google plus is giving a very interesting feature of making your profile badges and button form Google Plus Developer Website. Creating your profile badges and button is very simple. After creating your badges Put that in your website and blogs.

3. Join Some Communities:- Click on left side panel of Google Plus and go to communities. There will be lots of communities. I have joined number of communities of my interest.

Google Plus

You can join any community of your interest. Please follow the rules otherwise you will be banned from posting in communities.  Apart from these tricks linked your Google Plus profile to all social media channels.  I am sure in a few days you will get numbers of people in your circle.  If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask via comment box.

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