Infographics Creator Tool

An information graphic (infographic) is a graph of a data set or collection of various information over one place. An infographic takes a huge amount of information in text or numerical type and then condenses it into a mixup of images and text, enabling audiences to easily understand the important data includes.

Infographics look like they were easy to make are commonly anything but. Creating something lovely and quickly understandable in Photoshop is typically beyond the limits that time allows. Which is why it’s occasionally helpful to utilize a quick and dirty infographics device to speed up the process.

Here is an example of Info-graphic:-

What is an Infographic?
Created by Customer Magnetism.

If you are not designer and don’t have knowledge about Photoshop then you can use Info-graphic tool and  can create impressive info-graphic image. Here I am listing few Infographics Creator Tool that you can use for your website:

1. Vizualize:-


3. Piktochart:-



These are the few Infographics Creator Tool, few are them are free and few are available for Pro version for more additional features. With the help of Infographic you can collect all the information over one place and share in the form of Image. You can also design and create inforaphic with the help of Photoshop but it will take your time , so enjoy these tools. If you are using any other tool then share via comment box. Do share this article on social media for others.

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