How Do Social Signals Help Your Online Marketing?

Social Signals are a crucial factor in the growth of your Online Marketing whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social network. In this video Ali discusses how being active throughout Social Media can help drive more sees to you website.

I my opinion social signals have both a direct and indirect impact on organic search ranking. Direct impact comes from:.

  • Number of individuals that like your brand on Facebook.
  • Facebook shares.
  • Twitter followers.
  • Number of tweets discussing your company name or including a link to your website.
  • Number of people who “have you in their circles” (Google+).

Indirect impact comes from:.

  • Increased inbound links
  • Increased  positive feedback (in Google Local listing) due to satisfied consumers.
  • Decreased bounce rate, greater time on site, and more repeat (returning)visitors to your website.

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For socializing your website you have to consider following points:

On Page:

  • Share buttons (like, suggest, tweet, bookmark, and so on).
  • Connect buttons (Like a Facebook page, Follow on Twitter, Follow on LinkedIn, and so on).
  • A frequently updated blog
  • Social badges and widgets

Off Page:

  • Facebook page.
  • Twitter account.
  • LinkedIn company page.
  • Pinterest account.
  • Youtube account.
  • Guest article.
  • Other social media sites platforms.

You can share your content on Facebook, twitter and other social media profiles but Now a days Google plus is very important. Why I am saying this because it helps in various way:

  • Ranking
  • Web Traffic
  • Connection of your web with Social site Google plus
  • Hash Tag and Trending topics
  • SERP also consists some Google plus content

Have a look at this Infograph explaining about How Social Signals Impact Search Engine ranking.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Conclusion: If you want to improve your website ranking, online presence, company branding and awareness through social sites then you must use Social Media.
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