Is your Social Media Really Social ?

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I have taken the idea for this blog post from a thread that was happened on SEO Forum Chat.

” Social media is about getting your customers to talk TO EACH OTHER  We are all talking to everyone else with the webmasters only occasionally starting a topic or checking in. OTOH a lot of facebook pages or tweets will get few if any shares, and no real feedback. That isn’t social even if it is a good thing marketing wise. Just because you tweet something, or put it on facebook doesn’t make it social.”

Same thing was moving in my mind, well I want to elaborate it more. All of us know that now a days Social Media is very important tool in Online Marketing that can boost your site traffic as well as increase site engagement. So now here I am going to ask few question:-

  • Are you very honest with your Social Media Fans ?
  • Are you giving proper response to you fans and followers ?
  • Do you have Social Media Manner ?
  • How much Links you are sharing on Social Networking Sites ?

Before discussing these topics, lets understand about the Power of Social Media by Matt Cutts:

You have to be very honest at time of Social Media Marketing. There are lots of Social Networking Sites and your main objective is to give right things to your friends and followers. At the same time you are expecting good traffic on your website. Sharing links on these social media sites will not work, all you have to do is to give proper response and the answers to your friends and followers.

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I have seen couple of times that most of the site owner are sharing links and not responding to their social fans. Submitting too many links and irrelevant content on social sites is not beneficial for your website. These things comes in Social Spam. Social spam is unwanted spam content appearing on social networks and any website with user-generated content (comments, chat, etc.). It can be anything like hate speech, fraudulent reviews,  malicious links, fake friends, and personal information. Social Media Experts estimate that 40% of social network accounts are used for spam. These social networking can be Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. There are many kind of spammer and they are adopting different strategies like:

  • They will say Click Here, Check out, Go this website, Get Instant Access and lots of call to action terms.
  • They will use shorten URL.
  • They will take the help of Different application.
  • They will take the help from third Party or Bot
  • Posting irrelevant Photos

People are forgetting the real definition of Social Networking Sites. I would like to elaborate it. This is platform where people wants to connect each other and build social relation among people having same interest, similar activities and hobbies, educational background, Friends , co-workers and real-life connections.

Social Media is growing up day by day and experts says that this is important to take care of Social Media Manner in you social interaction  like Showing Respect, paying thanks or it can be anything. You have to polite and calm with your social fans. Let’s say an example. A Facebook user is asking the price of product on Facebook page of online shopping company and the same time there is no one who can interact with that user. In the result you will lose your customer. So interactive online is very important for your business and website.

Here I am listing few Social Media Manner that Everyone should know:

  • Don’t post irrelevant photos on Social Media Sites Like Facebook or Google plus
  • Respect your followers and Give proper response
  • Be online at the time of any active campaign
  • No hate or insulted speech
  • Don’t post your private stuff like Credit or debit card information
  • Don’t tag other people in Facebook and Google plus in bad Photos
  • Be neat while on Twitter posting, avoid link spamming
  • Congrats the person on their special events like birthday or anniversary
  • Congrats the person for his Job change on Linkedin
  • Be respectful while commenting
  • Never unfriend or un-follow a person who have added you back

These are few things that I want to talk about. If you have more ideas than please add via comment box.

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