Instagram Reels – New TikTok of India – My Honest Marketing Opinion

Hello Readers, I am again back on this blog as I was not much engaged on my blog and my youtube channel. I think it’s more than 2 Years. Yes, You heard it right 🙂 … any way Its never too late to restart holding things.

Right after opening my blog the Ist question click was Reels. So today in the Post I will be talking about Short video Marketing giant Reels and How you can use Reels as a Marketing and Branding tool.

As you know guys, TikTok has been Banned from India, and alternatively a lot of other short video application platforms launch just to compete with the TikTok fame. I am naming a few of them Here –

1. Reels by Instagram
2. Youtube Shorts
3. MX TakaTak
4. Moj
5. Josh
6. Chingari
7. Snapchat
8. Facebook Short Videos
9. Trell
10. Mitron

Talking about TikTok, People got huge benefits from this short app, benefits in terms of Name, fame, branding, etc. but soon after India banned TikTok due to user’s data privacy issues. You may read full story here.

For a few people, it was the problem, pain because they were actually got addicted to TikTok but on the other hands, few people took this as an opportunity and they again start creating content on the newly launched app.

And now after few months, Instagram can be seen as the New TikTok of India, not in terms of privacy but Yes in terms of the type of content people are creating on Instagram.  A few Years Back advertisers were targeting Instagram users as their audiences but trust me now people are opting out.

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Reason for Op-out Ads on Instagram Reels –

Talking about the user age demographics they generally come in the bracket of 15-25 Years and maybe 28. So at this point targeting this audience, some time is not beneficial as these age groups enjoying watching videos but not can be a good conversion factor. Few more things to consider –

  • Teenagers Group
  • No Serious Audience
  • No CEOs or Technical Audience
  • No Senior age group people

We can’t deny this thing that as of now Inst Reels having huge eyeballs than any other video marketing platform.

Reason for Opt-in Ads on Instagram Reels –

In India Reels is getting huge popularity day-by-day and when it comes to branding it could be a good tool to use. People are here spend huge time so opt-in as in Influencer marketing could be the right marketing strategy. Few more things to consider Instagram Reels as your Marketing Platform –

  • Good Engagement
  • Best for Influencer Marketing
  • Best for Health, App Promotion, food, fashion Niche Products.
  • Best for Branding
  • Best for Making the Videos Viral

When It comes to Branding and Marketing people often choose the platform basis on their products and services but at the same time making the product viral is also an important task. These short video-based applications can give you good branding along with huge attention.

My Honest opinion is to use Instagram Reels for Branding Purpose only and for conversion use LinkedIn or Facebook platform.

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