Top 9 Blogging habits one should build to boost their possibility of success


Every successful blogger have various thing common in their veins and bones that is their thought process, ideals, lifestyle and most important is their Habits. Their attitude towards their success make them to be very focused and productive all the time and helps them to build such a awesome habits to improve their skills every day no matter what is going on outside the world. They are better experienced to steer the slumps and goons of life easily and put down their bitter and good experiences into blogging skills and edify others through their write-ups.

These habits encourages them to find out the cutting edge technologies to enhance their blogging skills and also motivate them for the best practice over the fast-growing techniques of SEO and digital marketing to make their efforts available for every person who really needs the light of beacon to get success in their life. They are extreme debonair from heart and have wide range of network with every type of people boundlessly.

Blogging Habits

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To get success in any line of business one should have to self inspect their daily accomplishments and failures so that they can enhance their skills to overcome their failures consistently. Yeah, these can be possible through building appropriate habits and embrace them into daily routines. Just put your deep attention over the facts behind the success of every popular personality for example: Micheal Jordan practiced jump shots even during off seasons and Williams sisters practiced tennis every morning before school.

To succeed in the your interest area of field, you have to be very potential and have to work hard with consistency and even at that timing when no other person is able to do normally. It is quite obvious that no one can build such habits overnight that could leads them to success but it is possible to add into daily routine by practicing one by one.

Well said by someone:

“To motivate the elephants (our emotions), you need to shrink the change”
This concludes that find out the easier steps to build up a habit every day rather thinking about the various things at a time-focus on the first step of stairs of success.

The same strategy you can apply on your blogging skills, let’s discuss how:

There are various facts that are essential for successful blogging and having a right attitude towards your habit is also very necessary to add unbeatable tactics into your blogging skills.

Here is a great example of Arianna Huffington, who establishes the Huffington post in 2005. In the beginning, people used to making fun her but she had a boundless vision for her ambitions and she was consistent for her task and started recruiting celebrity bloggers and invented marketing tactics to finally put down her critics.

If you do have blogging skills too then you should also build good blogging habits to be a successful blogger and the list of these habits is given below:

 Note down everything you inspire

Inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime but you should always have a backup to keep them safe so that it may not be skipped. Bloggers can get inspirations from any type of story, event and place and they should note down their ideas immediately after that is pop out into the mind, whenever they get inspired.

There are many ways to keep your thoughts and ideas secure: either you can write them into a dairy or use index cards and can file them later or make notes of everything so that you do not have to sit down for research on the things when your start writing.

You can save your most of the time by doing this for future references. You can also use software of to record and note down everything and synchronize everything between every device tablet, PCs and mobile phones.


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Boundless vision along with a justifying attitude

Whenever you get inspired by anything, you should always go through the deep of your thoughts and beyond imaginations to write down them in an influential way into your blog. For this you should always ask to yourself “how can I do this in a different way one could not”.

For example : you are watching the biopic of any person and he/she is very inspirational and you find it the best topic for blogging then think how can you make it more interesting and justice with the character and efforts of the person.

Whenever, you get inspired by the blogging skills of another blogger then always deep inspect, how can be you better than that blogger. Asking right question to yourself is the best way to improve your blogging skills and steer your weak points too. Practically search for everything when you are begun to write with some relevant examples and keep your readers engaging.

Optimize your content as per SEO to drive traffic

Although, you should not rely on only SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic on your blog because there are numerous of techniques to drive tremendous traffic on your website, but optimizing your contents for SEO purpose is also a good habit to make them prepare to share with others.

Always use long tail keywords and those keywords which are highly searchable and put them into the title of your content as well as the first paragraph of your content so that they would easily crawled up while searching with keywords through the visitors.

Sit back calm…just think and analyze, what your front-runner trending in their content and what is missing as per the need of real visitors.
Your content should be more relevant and actual to your visitors as they always look for because if they like your writing style then obviously they would daily go through your blog.

You can consult these websites to do your all research work:

  •   Buzz Sumo
  •  Uber Search
  • Google Trends
  •  Google Trends
  •  Google Alert
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Topsy

Share the links of your content on social media networking sites

Social media networking sites are the best platform to increase your social media presence and getting huge amount of bullfighting fans to your blog. If you want to make available your write -ups in front of large crowd of users than it necessary to share links of your content on those social media networking sites whose page ranks are higher and between 1 between 10.

Make an influencing profile on most popular networking site Google, Facebook and twitter and share them into these websites and you can also analysis that at what timing the traffic on these websites are more and that can be directed onto your websites sharing your content on that timing.

Generally saying that posting your content in the evening may be more beneficial than mid-day because everyone get time to surf net in the evening after their whole day hectic schedule.

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Avoid all distractions while writing

Without concentration no one can write even a single word per day so if you really want to justice to your readers and wanted to give some mind blowing blogs to influence them  then avoid all distractions around you.
Find a peaceful place where you can write without any distractions and going through deep imaginations. Never write anything when you are surrounded with your family and friends even when they are having debate on any interesting topics.

You would get distracted in the middle of particular sentence while they are having conversation in between because our mind are not designed for multi-tasking purpose and especially when it comes to show your writing skills.It is scientifically proven that our mind takes 2-5 seconds to switch your focus from one task to another and that also reduces our writing efficiency.

You can do these things to improve your efficiency:

  • Switch of all your cell phones and other electronic devices that you use for entertainment.
  • Mute your all conversation on social media networking sites and Whatsaap.

Keep your mind always fresh and ready

It is common with every blogger to suffer exhaustion due to continuous writing and an exhausted mind never give you mind blowing ideas to write down the blog in an informative way; if your mind is fresh and you are happy from inside your heart then you would feel like your hands are moving without any effort on the keyboard and your mind is generating every word like a printer.

Hangout with your friends and family on weekly basis or you can walk over the beautiful streets in the evening. Give some time to your other activities, you can also put some time on your reading skills and go through some motivational books to get more inspiration.

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Be a flexible blogger and manage your timings

Everyone better know that bloggers live two lives, one live start in the morning when they have to go for their five-to –nine jobs to earn their living and their second life start in the evening when they get back to their bed and start blogging till then mid-night.

I know it is very hard to manage both the things simultaneously but if you add some good habits to your daily routine then you can find it easier than before. Never get obsessed with your work all the time and never take the things into your heart like if you are getting failure in your writing skills never try be a bookworm to improve your writing skills and skip all your meals in the night.

Keep your mind free of stress and get regular exercise to keep your mind healthy and stress free every day. Always start writing on the spot when you feel it into your mind on and if you are feeling like writing with you mind even after the dinner. Take full sleep never disturb your sleeping time in order to get success because in this way you cannot top over everything.

Be social and add more people into your network

You cannot succeed in blogging if you are unsocial because blogging is not all about writing only, you should also have capability of spreading your write-ups instantly like a storm.

Your social image can help you to spread your social presence as well as get huge traffic so try to add more and more friends of your social networking account through joining groups and various conversations on the posts. Either you can join various groups on the Facebook and Twitter or you can also make your own group and start adding more and more people to that group.

Keep least but not Last

Blogging involves in posting your views regularly on your blog to keep your visitors more engaging and interesting. You can keep your write up least in your blog but never skip a single day for posting because that can break rhythm of interest between your blog posts and your readers.

You can even use Google analytics to find out at what timing the traffic is driving to your blog and you can schedule that time for posting blog posts on your blog to get more potential visitors.
At the same time you can share the links of your blog posts on the social networking sites and also participate in the conversation and comments of your followers or viewers.

Blogging can be very entertaining and enchanting if your motive of blogging is good and motivational but if you are only aiming for making money online then it can boils down your efficiency and you would not be able to do justice with your writing skills.

Start blogging if you really have something to share with your readers. Once you start blogging to edify others rather keeping money in mind, only than you can get more benefits with extra income too because quality comes with sincerity.

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