Website Ad Optimization: A Gateway to Generate High Revenue

Internet is loaded with millions of websites and blogs based on thousand of niche. In fact, these blogs and websites are created for various purposes which include commercial or recreational purposes. As per periodical surveys by Google, most of the online portals and blogs are generally created to make money. Website ads are supposed to be the most popular means of making profit online.


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If placing ads on a website can help in achieving revenue, then why some renowned blogs do not get significant income through ads even after pursuing strong SEO and having thousands of followers on their pages?

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The answer lies within these two words-“Ad Optimization”.

What is Ad Optimization?

Ad optimization is the process of optimizing and improving the performance of a text Pay per Click advertisement on search engines. Basically, this is performed by improving its Click through Rate performance both in terms of spacing and quality of response.

According to some of the specifications mentioned in Search Engine Journal, “AdWords text ads are small and thus unassuming. But when it comes to optimization and increase the pay, text ads are known to be of high impact on search engines.

Moving on to our actual purpose of this post, we will further discuss various factors affecting ad optimization and best ways to improve ad placement on a website.

What are the core factors which affect website ads and CTR?

  • Testing
  • Size
  • Location
  • Type of ads
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Exact and apt placement of ads on a webpage can definitely enhance the CTR on your website/blog (leading to increased revenue through ads).

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These ways can help you in implementing ads on the accurate locations of your site:

  • A/B testing – In A/B testing, two version of an app or a webpage are compared against each other to recognize their performances. By creating an A and B variant and testing them against each other, you can use data & statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rates.

There exists another testing known as ‘Multivariate Testing’ which is also used to optimize two or more versions of a specific webpage or application.

  • Ad size – You might be surprised to know this, but size matters for ads on a webpage. Though, you can gather a brief idea of applicable ad size through testing or other optimizations but there are some fixed sizes which are quite popular for webpage ads. These sizes are: 336 X280, 300X250, 728X90 and 160X600.
  • Ad location – There is a tool for optimizing the right location of ads on a website which is known as ‘Heatmap’ by Adsense. Through this tool, we can easily identify the apt location for a particular ad on a webpage.

For a better CTR, ads must be placed on above navigation bar. Such ads are called above-the-fold ads and comparatively perform well than other ads. An ad right above the content or between the content is also effective in increasing the revenue of a website.

  • Placement targeting – For some bloggers and website owners, it may be something new because it is usually ignored by people. You need to provide some details of ads in order to improvise CTR.
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For doing this, you should have an Adsense account where you can create a channel by customizing “My ads” section. Create a channel and customize ad placement targeting.

The ‘DO NOT’ procedures of Ad Optimization:

  • Never avoid link based ads because at times, these ads perform far better than banner ads.
  • Do not always prefer image ads because text ads play a vital role in Google Adsense revenue.
  • Do not place too many ads inside the content of webpage and prefer left, right and uppermost areas for prominent ads.
  • Keep a significant distance between an ad and the content of that webpage on which ad is placed.

Here is a list of websites which provide useful tools to optimize ads:

  1. Adpushup (
  2. Madadsmedia (
  3. Widerfunnel (
  4. Cpvlab (

Really, Ad optimization is very important for everyone because it helps in Increasing Ad Revenue from your website. If you like this content then Don’t forget to share on Social Media for Others.

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